Brian Colbert
Licensed Master Trainer of NLP
Qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist and best-selling author.
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"The Cynical Optimists"

This is both hard hitting and Humorous!

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"The Happiness Habit" and "From Ordinary to Extraordinary"

As of today, Brian has released two best-selling books

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Thanks for sharing your precious time, unique insights and practical experience. Your talent for embedding the blueprint for success deep in peoples minds is priceless!

I've learned an awful lot form Brian Colbert and he's made my life better along the way. His skills in creating change are phenomenal.

What People Say!

John Pendergast- Founder of High Impact Academy.

Mark Walsh - Owner iMindCoach

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Books by Brian Colbert

As of today, Brian has released two best-selling books - "The Happiness Habit" and "From Ordinary to Extraordinary", bringing his experience and insight into the literary field and sparking amazing results in the process. Brian's books have made a pronounced impact overseas, being translated into a number of different languages worldwide.

Release in September 2018, "The Cynical Optimists" This much awaited book is an unapologetically candid exploration of how both Brian Colbert and Owen Fitzpatrick, two highly accomplished and successful Self-Help Authors, Therapists and Master Trainers of NLP handle their everyday frustrations.